Range Of Practice

Dr. Bob Eriks specializes in:
The specialized treatment of gum disease.

Biological Regeneration & Tissue Augmentation~
This includes particulate bone grafting, block grafts, sinus grafts, socket grafts, and ridge augmentation, and the treatment for gingival recession with sof tissue procedures.

Implant Placement~
Dr. Eriks uses virtual implant placement software to evaluate, with absolute precision, your implant placement.  Using the SimPlant software, along with a CT scan, ensures accuracy and increases the success of your implant.

Dr. Ty Eriks is a General dentist:
As your general dentist, he will diagnose, treat and prevent dental problems with a highly esthetic result. 

Kim (Eriks) Johnson, R.D.H.  is a hygienist
She is our "go to" person for oral hygiene instructions, cleanings, and maintenance.  She has workedin the dental field for 16 years.

Our office would like to provide you with the most thorough information, so that you are able to make educated decisions regarding your treatment.  From your initial consultation, to your post operative appointments, your dental health and well-being is our utmost concern.  The Doctors take the time to explain every detail, and go over all possible options.