Implants are titanium posts or screws that are used to replace the roots of a missing tooth in preparation for replacing the missing tooth with a crown or some other prosthetic device

Implants can also provide the foundation to replace one or more missing teeth or to securely support an upper or lower denture.

The implant is placed by Dr. Eriks.  Later,  after bone integration and healing, the connecting abutment and crown or denture can be made for you.  During this healing time, a temporary restoration will be provided to you in order to give an esthetically pleasing smile during your procedure process.

In some cases, it is necessary for Dr. Eriks to Bone Graft an implant site or for you to undergo a Sinus Augmentation.  These procedures may be performed in preparation for, or during, an implant's placement.
Patient has missing lateral incisors.  Xray shows a dental implant in each site.  Final crowns done by Dr. Earl Ness. 

Extensive bone and soft tissue distruction.  Final result (2nd photo) shows bone and soft tissue augmentation as well as gingival leveling (gums placed so all teeth are the correct size).  Final restoration done by Dr. Bob Faucher. 

One of the two front teeth has a severe fracture.  Middle photo shows the implant placed at the time of extraction.  Note: a temporary tooth is supplied during healing.  The last photo is the final crown placed by Dr. Bob Faucher.

Multiple decayed and unrestorable teeth in the back of the mouth of this patient.  Xray shows the teeth extracted and three implants placed.  Last photo is the final crowns place by Dr. Earl Ness. 

Patient with a lateral incisor missing.  Xray shows an implant placed.  The last photo is the final crown placed by Dr. Lisa Thoms.

Fractured root which is darkening tooth.  Xray shows an implant placed.  Last photo is the final crown placed by Dr. Bob Eriks.

Fractured tooth which was extracted and an implant placed.  Final crown (last photo) placed by Dr. Don Jayne.

Severly worn and abraded teeth. Crown lengthening surgery was completed. Restorations done by Dr. Juan Gutierrez.

Very unesthetic teeth with a significant slant to teeth.  Surgery was done to level gum line.  Final crowns by Dr. Lisa Thoms.  Last photo is patient smile.

Very irregularly spaced teeth and unsightly smile.  Crown lengthening surgery done. Final crowns don by Dr. Don Jayne. Patient smile has "Changed my Life".

Irregular and unsightly gums and worn teeth. Bite admustment and surgery completed followed by bleaching.  Final photo of smile.

Gum recession before. Final corrected height back to enamel.

Lower left canine with receeding gum.  Note debris present as the area is difficult to clean.  Surgical correction on final photo.